New Storefront!

• Kind words •

My hubs and I purchased our first home this year and I can't wait to see the look on his face Christmas morning when he opens our latest addition to our tree. PERFECT ITEM!!!!

Kristin Jenkins

These turned out great! They are a beautiful addition to our playroom. Thank you so much for getting them off to us so quickly! ❤️

Michelle Herda

Perfect housewarming gift!! Excellent quality and arrived very timely. The ornament is something that our friends can keep and it will hopefully bring fond memories of the friends that gave it to them.

Freida Schipman

• t.t.g. community •


     I love all things crafty, creative, and handmade! Since opening back in 2010, I have had the great pleasure of sharing my handmade pieces with over 4,000 shoppers across the U.S. and around the world. That is an amazing opportunity and I am so grateful to those who choose to shop small and support my little business!
    I love collaborating with other artists, crafters, and small shops. Being a part of the small business community has allowed me the opportunity to share my passion with others while supporting my family. What I do means the world to me. Thank you for your continued support and business! ♥


Jenny • t.t.g. owner

     I never envisioned myself as a small business owner. I grew up thinking I would go into education, but ultimately graduated with a degree in sociology and psychology. After graduation, I kept my job as a early childhood TA waiting to see what I wanted to do when I "grew up". Then, my daughter was born...
     I dove head-first into Mommyhood and found that all I really wanted to do was to soak up every moment of her youth. So, I walked into work one day and gave my notice. I came home that night and told Carl. "Trust me -- just let me try." He took a few deep breaths, and let me test my wings.  
     Two years later, with the love and support of amazing family & friends, t.t.g has blossomed into more than we ever dreamed! More so, I have the opportunity to spend my days with my daughter and be a present part of her everyday.
     I never had a specific goal and I still haven't "grown up" -- maybe I never will. Hopefully, I will "grow" all of my days; change with seasons, weather storms, and always reach a little higher. My roots are my husband & daughter. They are what drive me, guide me, and push me to grow a little more everyday!

• TTG Teamwork •

Where it all began...

My little shop began in 2010 when my husband and I moved in together. My crafts slowly began to take over our tiny, one bedroom apartment. One day, he said, "Jenny, you're going to have to give it away or sell it, but it can't all stay here!"
And, just like that, The Thrifty Gifter was born! With credit to my tribe - my husband, my daughter, family and friends who lift me up and support me, I am blessed to share my crafts and talents with you.


In 2017, after several years online and hosting markets, we decided to open a storefront! We are elated to bring the best of handmade from across the state to our little corner of Eastern Carolina!