"Hello Autumn" - Autumn Theme on Burlap

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Beautiful on your mantle or wall, this fall sign printed on genuine burlap. Rustic and charming with fun fonts and autumn accents, this will be a well loved piece in your home for years to come!

Order Details:
* Order is printed as shown, though imaging may vary slightly from print to print, depending on grain on burlap.
→ → White ink is not available, as all burlap signs are printed, not painted.
* Unframed Burlap Size: 8.5 x 11 OR 8 x 10

* Framed Prints are 8x10 only
* Painted Frame include white painted/distressed frame.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

** ** ** PLEASE NOTE ** ** **

* As each order is printed on genuine burlap, each print is unique in it's own right. Just as no two pieces of burlap are completely identical, neither are any two prints.

* UNLESS YOU ARE MATTING, ALL PRINTS WILL NEED TRIMMING -- To ensure that your print is as straight as possible, be very careful when trimming to fit your frame. Only trim a tiny bit at a time, making small adjustments as needed. **I am not responsible for prints that are over-trimmed**