"Adventure Awaits" Nursery Series

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Beautiful on your mantle or wall, will be this lovely quote printed on genuine burlap. Rustic and charming, this will be a well loved piece in your home for years to come!

Perfect nursery decor! These prints can be purchased individually OR as a set of three.

Order Details:

* Burlap Size: 8x10
* If you order UNFRAMED, your order will arrive trimmed and ready for you to frame or matte

• As each order is printed on genuine burlap, each print is unique in it's own right. Just as no two pieces of burlap are completely identical, neither are any two prints.

 UNLESS YOU ARE MATTING, ALL PRINTS MAY REQUIRE TRIMMING - To ensure that your print is as straight as possible, be very careful when trimming to fit your frame. Only trim a tiny bit at a time, making small adjustments as needed. **I am not responsible for prints that are over-trimmed**